Orange Zest

Orange Zest

Winter Infection Control

If the orange is a fruit rich in vitamin C which is reputed to boost the immune defenses in winter, its bark is not left out! Packed with flavonoids, antioxidants that could not be more effective in fighting microbes and winter diseases, the orange peel is to be consumed dried and reduced to powder.

An anti-impurities mask

To prepare an anti-impurity mask based on orange peel, you have to remove the zest from an orange, which you will dry, then mix to obtain a fine powder. Then, we will mix this powder with a teaspoon of natural yogurt and honey. We put on the face, we let it act for 5 minutes, we rinse, and miracle: our complexion will be brighter, and our skin healthier!

Fight against pimples

Orange peels have very interesting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties for problem skin. To take advantage of it, it's simple, you have to dry them, mix them until you obtain a fine powder, and mix this powder with petroleum jelly. Then, apply the mixture to the critical areas: this will prevent pimples from appearing!

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