Naturalness. Your best beauty asset.

African natural treasures at the service to your beauty.

  • Real natural treasures

    to exacerbate beauty have existed for millennia in the heart of africa. Our desire is to help you discover and enjoy these treatments inspired by millenary recipes and traditions.

  • Plants and minerals

    have always been the basis of beauty routines in africa, they are 100% natural and made from natural active ingredients: plants, waters, flowers, essential oils, vegetable butters, and vegetable oils.

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An eco-responsible brand

Our products meet the criteria that meet the principles of SENTAAR: natural, organic, respectful of the earth, the environment and animals.

Certified products

We offer a range of make-up based on minerals and plants to sublimate you while taking care of your epidermis. We are adding a range of treatments made up of cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils, oily macerates obtained by filtration, vegetable butters, but also vegetable liquid soaps.Some of our products are COSMOS organic certified by Ecocert.

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A committed inclusive beauty brand

SENTAAR is an inclusive beauty brand committed to protecting our planet and our health. We advocate the virtues and benefits that nature offers us.